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Thai Lottery – How to Win Lotto in Thailand

Despite the recent crackdown, number superstition continues to grow. Thais love the flutter of a lottery. The lottery is one of the two legal forms of gambling in Thailand. The draw is held on the first and the 16th of every month. The results are announced around 5 pm on lottery dates.

The Thai government administers the lottery. Tickets are sold to ticket brokers who distribute them to over 14,700 authorized retail venues. นกตาทิพย์งวดนี้ are generally higher.

Thai lottery tickets are preprinted on special chemical paper with a two-tone watermark. Tickets are also coated with chemicals that prevent stains. The lottery has a one in one million chance of winning the top prize. However, the jackpot sum varies.

Tickets are also sold by unofficial lottery agencies. These agencies are located both in Thailand and abroad. They allow punters to buy tickets with credit. They also offer a convenient way of ordering numbers online. They can also email lottery results to players.

Tickets are sold by more than 35,000 registered ticket vendors in Thailand. หวยนกตาทิพย์ vary depending on the demand. Some vendors charge more than 120 baht for lucky numbers. Others sell tickets for 80 baht.

In addition to the lottery, the Thai government also runs a Thai Charity Lottery. This lottery draws 100 new six-digit numbers. The first prize is 3 million baht. There is also a bonus prize of 22 million baht and a third prize of 40,000 baht.

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